FORBES HOUSE - Community Education

Speakers present programs to schools, community groups, and other organizations on issues relating to domestic violence, including mental and date abuse.
Lorena in class
Area high schools and junior high schools have responded well to our Community Education program. In 2012, Forbes House presented information and material to over 6600 students.


  • Approximately 1 in 3 adolesent girls in the USA is a victim of physical, emotional or verbal abuse by a dating partner.
  • In a national online survey, 1 in 5 tweens, age 11-14, say their friends are victims of dating violence. 2 in 5 of the youngest tweens, age 11 and 12, report that their friends are victims of verbal abuse in relationships.
  • Nationwide, nearly 1 in 10 high school students has been hit, slapped or physically hurt on purpose by a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Dating Abuse is a pattern of behavior where one person uses threats of, or actually uses, physical, sexual, verbal or emotional abuse to control his or her dating partner.
  • One in three teens in the US is a victim of physical, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner.
  • Only 33% of teens in an abusive relationship ever told anyone about the abuse.
  • Violent relationships in adolescence can have serious ramifications by putting the victims at higher risk for substance abuse, eating disorders, risky sexual behavior and further domestic violence.