2 Days in May Conference on Victim Assistance

Forbes House traveled to Columbus for 2 Days in May Conference on Victim Assistance, hosted by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. Victim advocates play an integral role in Lake County and surrounding communities. Two Days in May has been an annual gathering for decades where victim advocates from around the state receive updates and developments in the field. This year’s conference theme: Protecting Ohio Families.

“Every day in the Ohio Attorney General’s Office we are working to protect Ohio families. Everything we do here comes under that.”
Mike DeWine,
Ohio Attorney General

Advocates returned to Lake County eager to share what they have learned at 2 Days in May. Our very own Legal Advocate obtained a great resource for victims called Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center. This resource provides free legal representation for victims whose rights are being violated through the criminal system. Another Advocate mentioned the documentation workshop will opened doors for immigrant clients. Forbes House continues to grow towards education to better serve those in need.

Where victims become SURVIVORS.