Forbes House is here to help

Helpline: 440-357-1018

Forbes House is a non-profit domestic violence shelter located in Lake County, Ohio,  dedicated to providing a holistic approach to recovery from the trauma of domestic abuse. As the only domestic violence shelter in our county, it occupies a crucial place in the community providing necessary services and resources for our residents and beyond. For most of us, home is a place of comfort and safety, but for people suffering from domestic violence, it is a place of fear. Domestic violence is often a silent crime. Those affected can be too frightened or ashamed to seek help or may be unaware of the resources available to them in a time of crisis.

Established in 1980, Forbes House is the first and only safe haven in Lake County with services specific to the needs of all domestic violence victims.  Our confidential approach includes 24/7 helplines, emergency shelter, family and legal advocacy, children’s counseling, adult and children’s support groups, life skills and therapy opportunities, an aftercare program plus community education and outreach.  Additional assistance is facilitated through partnering with Lake County agencies for qualified services such as counseling, legal assistance, and housing.  The primary goal is to support and empower survivors to end the cycle of domestic violence by offering services that focus on providing the opportunity to regroup and heal in a safe, caring environment to build new, independent lives. Anyone requiring assistance may call 440-357-1018.