Forbes House Adds New Board Members

Forbes House announced the election of two new members recently to its Board of Directors. The newly elected Board members are Lisa Garvin and Rebecca Molyneaux. “We are thrilled to welcome two talented individuals. Their unique backgrounds and experience will make them a great asset to advance the mission of Forbes House and lead us into the future.” said Kathy Strancar, Executive Director of Forbes House.


Lisa Garvin is a Magistrate to Judge Mark J. Bartolotta with the Probate Division of the Lake County Court of Common Pleas. Her work experience includes private practice in the areas of elder law, general estate and special needs planning, and probate law. Garvin returned to school to earn a law degree after working in human resources for 7 years with Commonwealth Industries, Inc., a medium-sized U.S. aluminum manufacturer.

Rebecca Molyneaux is a real estate executive with over 15 years of experience both as a developer and corporate/real estate counsel. Molyneaux began her real estate career as outside legal counsel to real estate firms and corporations. She then worked in-house as legal counsel for a developer of retail, mixed-use and multi-family projects with an additional focus on financing. That work included overseeing specific properties from development to operations. Molyneaux is skilled at closing complex real estate transactions and overseeing complicated projects from concept to completion. In 2020, Molyneaux became Vice President and General Counsel, responsible for overseeing all legal aspects of Fairmount Properties, including new development and existing assets within the company’s portfolio.  In her new role, Molyneaux joins Fairmount’s Executive Team, where she will also play a leadership role in implementing Fairmount Properties mission and strategic goals.

Forbes House is the only safe shelter for survivors of domestic violence and their children in Lake County that is staffed 24/7.  The non-disclosed location provides an ideal place for survivors in Northeast Ohio to heal from the trauma of abuse and rebuild their lives.  All services at Forbes House are provided free of charge. We believe that limited resources should not be a barrier for anyone who needs help.

Proclamation from the Lake County Board of Commission

Proclamation from the Lake County Board of Commission. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
Commissioners of Lake County, Ohio, “urge the citizens of Lake County to raise their awareness and watch for signs of potential issues of the members of our community, remember the lives lost due to domestic violence, and give hope to those still living with abuse.”

Thank you Lake County Commissioners for standing with us, to end domestic violence.

The Silent Witness Initiative


The Silent Witness Initiative is a display of life-sized silhouettes that honors Lake County women. Each figure bears a plaque which reveals the name and the story of a local woman who died at the hands of her intimate partner. *LAKELAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE WOMEN’S CENTER  

The ceremony will include:
Memorial: Honor and remember the names and stories of these Silent Witnesses.
Awareness: Shine a light on this extreme form of domestic violence.
Advocacy: Connect with local resources for ending the violence.
Optimism: Claim hope for a future without violence.

Thursday, September 27th
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Lakeland Community College. Room: H-134 
Free and open to the public.

The Silent Witnesses will be on display on the front lawn of the *EAST SHORE UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST CHURCH along Route 306 in Kirtland throughout October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month.


Forbes House Attends the Lake County Fair

Forbes House will be in attendance at the Lake Country Fair, July 24 through July 29th. Information on Forbes House services and support group will be free for the taking.

In addition, two red figures pictured below are from The Silent Witness Initiative given to Forbes House by Dorothy Lemmey. The initiative  commemorates the lives of women whose lives had been lost as a result of domestic violence.

Remember My Story. Remember My Name.

*Located in The Community Commercial Building at the Lake County Fair.

24/7 Helpline 440-357-1018


Avery Dennison Reaching Forbes House Survivors

Avery Dennison volunteers visited Forbes House to make our shelter feel more like home for domestic violence survivors. Inspiring quotes and whimsical designs were added to the walls for our clients to enjoy. Domestic violence can make the world feel small and grey, but this new makeover will make for good spirits, and warmth. The murals will help the residents/survivors remember that they are not alone and remind them of their identities and strength. Art is therapeutic and can help a survivor of trauma feel safe and grounded in the present moment. Children will also enjoy the new playroom safari escape. Forbes House is dedicated to making clients feel at ease and protected and this is just one of the ways we reach our clients, through art and empowerment.

Very Special Thanks to…

Nancy Hilborn, Office Manager at Forbes House, and her husband Barry Hilborn, Research and Development Lab Leader at Avery Dennison.

Wanda Simmons- Executive Director, Forbes House.

Avery Dennison volunteers who made this possible:  David Nichols- Research and Development Technician. Jacki Wade- Technical Leader. Josh Yelverton- Technical Sales Representive. Josh Zaller- Products Manager, Graphics. Kim Volpe- Technical Sales Representative. Ryan Palmer- Graphic Installations, Lead Installer. Brian Bornhoeft- Concepts Lab. Kim Oravecz- Research and Development. Doug Doyle- Technical Sales Representative.