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Support comes in many forms at Forbes House

Support Groups

Support comes in many forms at Forbes House. The most common is emotional support through peer and licensed counseling. We also host weekly support groups for both residential and non-residential survivors. Weekly support groups are held on Tuesday evenings for adults and children. Any survivor, regardless of their place in the healing process, is welcome to contact Forbes House to receive information about support groups.

Survivors benefit from attending support groups, whether they have left an abusive relationship or are currently in an abusive relationship. Life Skills Groups are offered to current residents of the shelter. These groups include parenting class, self-care class, yoga, and arts and crafts for children.

Licensed Counseling Services

Licensed counseling services are available for both residential and non-residential survivors. Forbes House is trauma informed and understands the challenges of leaving an abusive relationship so we are happy to meet you where you are on your healing journey through offering individual counseling, phone counseling/consultation, children’s counseling and more.

In addition, Forbes House aftercare program ensures that program alumni maintain healthy lifestyles as they transition into a new home. The aftercare team provides ongoing support and information about community resources for survivors. Forbes House manages an annual holiday program to pair survivors and their families with community members to enhance their holiday season.

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