Services / Programs


Forbes House provides a safe, supportive shelter 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The shelter can house up to 30 survivors and their children, as well as providing shelter to physically challenged individuals. Forbes House is proud to offer advocacy, children’s programs, support groups, community outreach, legal advocacy, and aftercare programs at no charge to our clients. 





Domestic abuse victims deal with complex barriers.  Advocates assist men, women, and children by acting as a liaison with any agencies they must come in contact with.  Advocates also assist victims in establishing their goals, facilitating referrals to other agencies, and accompanying them through the legal system.  Advocacy is available to current residents, former residents, and non-residents of the shelter.



Children’s Program

The Children’s Counselor addresses the needs of the children, works with mothers or fathers to develop and enhance parenting skills, and facilitates referrals to other agencies.  The Children’s Counselor works with children individually or in small groups and provides activities involving moms and dads with their children.



Support Groups

Support groups facilitated by staff members and trained volunteers provide emotional and psychological support.   A support group held for non-residents and former residents of Forbes House is offered on a weekly basis. Any survivor seeking support may contact Forbes House to receive more information about the support group. Many people benefit from attending support groups, whether they have left an abusive relationship, are currently in an abusive relationship, or may have a loved one that is experiencing abuse and want to help.

Life Skills Groups are offered to current residents of the shelter. These groups include Domestic Violence 101, Kids DV 101, Journaling, Self-esteem, Parenting, Stress Management, and many more. Many clients benefit from attending Life Skills Groups, as they allow clients an outlet for their emotions, support from peers and staff, provides information about how to maintain healthy relationships and how to recognize an unhealthy relationship in the future, and help to reassure clients that they are in control of their lives.



Community outreach

The Community Outreach Advocate of Forbes House speaks to many different schools, jails, juvenile institutions, rehabilitation centers, community groups, and many other organizations on issues relating to domestic violence and dating violence. Domestic violence can happen to anyone at any time in life. It is a matter that is very close to home. As Lake County’s only domestic violence shelter, Forbes House raises awareness to the community about the resources that are available to them. For more information, or if you are interested in having a speaker from Forbes House, please visit our Community Outreach page  to complete the request form. 

Community Outreach



Legal Advocacy

Legal Advocates assist clients through court processes, by accompanying survivors to court, assisting with protection orders, explaining Ohio crime victim rights, utilizing Victims of Crime Compensation, registering for VINE (Victim Information Notification Everyday), and more. Advocates provide crisis intervention, information about court processes, provide proper referrals, and offer emotional support to all clients including residents, former residents, and non-residents of the shelter.




Volunteers and evening staff use mail and phones to keep in touch with those who have left the shelter.  They provide referrals and emotional support to help former residents remain in healthy, nonviolent relationships.  A phone call or letter may also be the motivation that a formerly abused man, woman, or child needs to reassert their goals.