Forbes House announces the election of two new members to its Board of Directors







Forbes House announces the election of two new members to its Board of Directors. The newly elected Board members are Halle Horvath and Jesika Keener. Forbes House Board President John Dolce announced, “I am thrilled to welcome these two talented individuals. Their unique backgrounds and diverse experience will make them a great asset to Forbes House board and the organization.”


Halle Horvath is Vice President, People and Process at Neundorfer, Inc. located in Willoughby, Ohio.  She is an accomplished certified HR professional with over thirteen years at Neundorfer.  Her skills include identifying, planning, and leading organizational change initiatives, while retaining and developing organizational talent.  Halle’s strong community’s ties will help increase the public’s awareness of Forbes House, while building a strong culture focused on supporting Domestic Violence survivors within Lake County and surrounding counties.

Jesika Keener is Director of Business Operations at CMH Solutions LLC in Cleveland, Ohio.  She is an energetic and highly driven professional with extensive experience in planning, coordinating, and executing large and small-scale events.  Jesika supports Forbes House efforts to significantly decrease domestic violence through education and advocacy.

Forbes House is the only safe shelter for survivors of domestic violence and their children in Lake County that is staffed 24/7.  The non-disclosed location provides an ideal place for survivors in Northeast Ohio to heal from the trauma of abuse and rebuild their lives.  All services at Forbes House are provided free of charge. We believe that limited resources should not be a barrier for anyone who needs help.

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