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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

On October 2nd, Forbes House and Tackle Domestic Violence partnered to host Purple Light Nights, which was created to kick start Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The event was held in Downtown Willoughby, where the city illuminated the streets with purple lights, local bars served purple beverages, and community members participated in theWalk to Remember. This event promoted awareness about the severity of domestic violence, remembered those who have lost their lives, shared resourceful information for current survivors, and provide hope for people who may still be living in an abusive situation. To read more about the Walk to Remember and how Tackle Domestic Violence was inspired, please visit the following link to read the News Herald article.

To continue to help raise awareness about domestic violence, you can wear purple throughout the month of October, visit Forbes House and Tackle Domestic Violence , and like the Facebook pages for each organization. Forbes House has a 24/7 helpline, which can be reached at (440) 357-1018, to assist with answering any questions or helping in a crisis situation.

Tackle Domestic Violence - October 2nd      purple lights - Willoughby

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