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The Supper Bowl is back!

Okay kids, we’re official, Sunday – September 7th at Matchworks (Hellriegel’s

was booked that Sunday), doors open at noon or 12:30, game starts at 1. Any and all donations would be helpful, if you didn’t ask someone last time please ask this time (this is going to be a little tough for me as we just came off of the reverse raffle). I love this event because it’s an easy one, won’t need much help. If any staff would like to attend and can’t afford the $25, I think it would be fine to pay the $15 we’ll owe Matchworks (they will not be able to join in on the draw for Brown’s tickets though).
As usual, restaurant gift certs (every time you go out to eat, aske for a $20 gift cert – chances are they will) and any other donations are welcomed so let me know if you have anything. This is never a hard sell as the ticket price is low and we only need around 100- 150 people. Let me know if anyone has samples, donations, gift cards – please feel free to share my Facebook post and distribute it to you friends. Advanced ticket sales are key, if you need tickets just let me know and I’ll mail or deliver a batch.
Super Bowl Party

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